Hi. I’m Brian Munkie and this is my best friend Horrace Harold.

Even though we’re best friends, we are quite different. For a start I’m a monkey and he’s a little brown bear with unusually large feet (although best not to mention the big feet too often).

I love bananas, yellow cars, football and my Playstation. I also play the bongos and like mixing – my friends call me DJ Kokonuts.

Horrace loves handbags, the theatre and anything pink. He also really loves tennis dresses. As they say opposites detract. Or is that retract? I don’t know…. I always get my words mixed up.

Anyway, Horrace and I are always getting into some sort of an adventure (or trouble). Like the time I lost my mind in Amsterdam, or when we saved turtles in Costa Rica. Once Horrace even solved the mystery of the Queen’s missing handbag.

We live with Uncle Morris in New Zealand. He’s most often found in kitchens or cafes because he loves food. Sausages are his favourite, followed by pies and then more sausages.

You can read all about our adventures in Anorak magazine or on our new comic book app (click the images below). There’s also a downloadable sample story here if you want to have a read right now. And if you want to ask us a question or find out more send an email to the address below.


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